I am available to record vocal demonstrations of your music.  Packages include:

SOLO ONLY PACKAGE: $50 per song.  1 vocal track/solo version of your song. 

SOLO + BGV PACKAGE: $50 per song base cost, plus additional $15 per BGV (background vocal) track. 

JUST THE BGVs PACKAGE: $20 per vocal track.  (For example, if I add a high harmony and a low harmony, $40 total.) I will create and record BGVs for your song, to match your vocal.  Files will be edited as best as possible to match your vocal phrasing.

CHORAL / STACKED GROUP / MIXED VOICES: If you are looking for a more full sound with male voices, I can make this happen for you.  Price TBD, depending on your needs.  Contact me for more information.  

PIANO/KEYS tracking: $75 additional fee



I will contact you during the recording process to make sure we are headed in the musical direction you are looking for, and I will send you a dropbox linked WAV file or PTF session file of vocal file only upon completion.  This way, you can mix my vocal file into your track, and you retain control over your own mix.


Contact Laura to discuss booking a session.

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