Engagement / Wedding Publication Questionnaire


Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to submit your session for online and/or print publication!  Please fill out the following questionnaire to the best of your ability. We understand that all items may or may not apply.  If something does not apply to you, simply answer with a "N/A".  Know that the MORE details you can fill in, such as vendors of clothing and jewelry, etc., the greater the chance of being published, as vendors love a shout-out!  Thanks!

Name *
(We love details and emotion!) :)
(Who asked who out? Bonus points if you can tell the story from both of your perspectives!)
This story can be from either one of you.
(Reach out to your significant other for their answer on this one, if possible! Bonus points, again, if you can answer this from both perspectives!! It's best to hear this answer from both you and your significant other.)
For example, I'd say, "We were celebrating Andrew's birthday down in Naples, FL, and were out to dinner before going to see the Nutcracker ballet at the Philharmonic. His mom always said she'd like to see a nice photo of us dressed up, so we walked to the beach to have our picture taken. He handed his camera to a stranger and whispered, "keep taking photos, no matter what happens!". We posed, and then he got down on his knee and popped the question! I, of course, said yes! Everyone cheered and offered congrats as we walked back toward the street. We attended the ballet, but left at intermission because I was so excited that I had to tell my parents!"
Where did your ring come from? Who is the designer?
Please describe any of your clothing from your session below. For example, "Dress: Brooks Brothers Blazer: Hugo Boss Shoes: Madden Girl Bowtie: Target"

Thank you, again!  If your session is picked up for publication, we'll be in touch and let you know details!