Is there a best time of day to schedule my outdoor photo session?

Yes, there is!  Generally, the most magical time of day for images happens during what is commonly referred to as “golden hour”.  Golden hour happens in the hour that leads up to sunset.  As frequently as possible, we strive to schedule sessions during this time of day.  The sky glows and shadows are minimized, creating an ideal setting for your images.  As your session approaches, I will check the predicted sunset time and schedule your session based on sunset and travel times.


I can’t schedule my outdoor session during golden hour.  What else should I consider when scheduling a time for my session?

If you aren’t able to schedule your session or event during golden hour, consider location options at your venue.  While I prefer to not capture images during high noon sun (when the sun is mostly overhead, anywhere from 9 AM – 3 PM), it can be done if ample shade is available.  Without shade, visible shadows will be lightened as best as possible, but aren't guaranteed to be eliminated during the editing process.  I’m happy to consult with you as you make your plans, and help you decide which area would work best for your photos.


When and how will I receive my images?

My current turnaround for image galleries is as follows:

    All Family, Military Homecomings and Events - Typically, these have a 2 week turnaround.
    Weddings and Special Events- These sessions have a 4-6 week turnaround.
    If there needs to be any change to your image delivery date, I will be in touch with you to discuss the adjusted timeline.

Your password protected gallery will be easily downloadable from this link: Client Galleries


What should I/we wear?

Oftentimes, what you wear will depend on the location that you’ve chosen.  Try to stand out from your background.  If your location has bright, vibrant colors, wear something slightly muted.  If we’re on the sand, light, bright colors work great!  Try not to clash with your background.

PINTEREST has TONS of great ideas!  Try searching according to the type of session you’ve booked.  For example, you can search, “engagement session outfits” or “family photography outfits”.  To get you started, you can check out my pin board I've created, HERE.  Go ahead and follow it, if you'd like!

Please reach out to me with any questions you might have – you can even email me some images of what you’re thinking of wearing, and I’d be happy to let you know if it would work well.

Do you give us the RAW (unedited) files in addition to the ones you edited?   What if we want all of the photos you took?

No, I don't provide raw files or any unedited images.  After your session is complete, I spend time carefully selecting the images with the best qualities, considering multiple factors (details, clarity, sharpness, artistry, composition, lighting, to name several).  My workflow occurs this way so that you can be certain you're receiving the best possible images from your session. 

What if I want more images?

Depending on factors that can sometimes be out of our control (weather and participation typically being the biggest factors), it may be possible for you to purchase additional images to be added into your download gallery. 




Below, you will find a few tips that I’ve found helpful along the way.  Some tips advise on things not to do, and other tips advise on things to do!  Either way, I think you’ll find these tips helpful as you plan for your session.


Tips for everyone:

Iron or steam your clothing, and prepare ahead of time.  Some wrinkles can be fixed easily during the editing process, but a shirt or pants that look like they were picked up off of the floor right before your session require lots of extra editing to look non-wrinkled.  If you insist on wrinkle removal, you might end up being charged for extra editing time.  It’s easiest on everyone if you arrive prepared.  I recommend preparing your / your family’s wardrobe a few days ahead of time.  Lay out the outfits, make sure they’re pressed and ready to go, and set out all of the shoes and accessories you’ll need.  You won’t feel rushed on your session date, and you won’t be likely to forget anything when you’ve planned ahead!

Bring extra shoes for walking.  This tip mostly applies to ladies who plan to wear heels or any shoes that might not be idea for walking in during their session.  The shoes look stunning (I love shoes!!), but - let's face it - they aren’t the best when we need to traipse across a field, walk quickly across the street, or hoof it through some sand.  Bring along a pair of effortless sneakers or flip flops.  You’ll be glad you did!

Hair ties aren't bracelets, and cell phones always show when you shove them in your pockets.  I can’t tell you how much time I spent as a new photographer editing hair ties off of wrists and cell phones out of pockets.  I try to ask clients to remove their hair ties from their wrists when I see one.  Cell phones have pretty much become extra appendages to our bodies these days.  It'll be ok to set it down nearby, or even ask me to hold it for you.  You won't regret it when you receive your images and they don't have an odd rectangle- shaped outline on your leg or your booty,  and your hand doesn't look like it's being held onto your arm by a black band.


Tips for children:

Have an incentive ready!  Kids love to smile for the camera and perk up when they know that there’s a reward for good behavior.  A sticker, a candy, or whatever special treat your kiddos love tends to work great!

Stay calm and cool!  Your kids will take their cues from you.  If you approach your session with cheerful excitement, they’ll catch on.  “But what do I do when they aren’t listening and are running around in circles?!” you might ask.  Well, I’ve encountered this plenty of times, too!  While the tendency may be to want to yell and scold them, I promise you, no child ever smiles after being yelled at to take photos.  It usually results in tears, and the images that will follow will capture a teary-eyed, open mouthed, face that’s mid-scream.  Don’t worry - I will snap away during the laughing, circle-running, crazy moments, and you’ll receive some fun, playful images as a result.  We’ll work together to collect them back to the group and get a few more posed moments before the session ends.

Sit back and let me work with them for a few minutes.  Some of the best moments happen in front of the camera when I'm able to ask your children questions that allow them to tell me about their world.  When he tells me that his favorite toy flies to the moon, he glances up toward the sky in wonder, and points.  When she tells me about her princess dress, she twirls and smiles.  These moments are priceless when captured!

Keep an open mind.  When there's a crowd nearby, or other children playing, the kiddos can be pretty distracted.  Even though we might have decided that we wanted to use one spot in particular ahead of time, we might venture away from the crowd in order to get some fantastic shots (and keep the kids' attention better).  We'll do our best to make it work out!




DOWNLOAD LINK: When your photos are ready, you will receive a link to a password protected, online gallery from which you can download your images.  This private link will only be shared with the individual who books the session.  Any other individuals who wish to access your online gallery will be directed to you, and you may share that information, if you wish. 

ONLINE STORE: The online store is located within your download gallery.  From this link, you will be able to purchase print and physical album options that work best for you! Please reach out to me with any questions regarding albums, as we will work together to custom design your album.

SOCIAL SHARE: A sneak peek of your session (2-3 photos) will be shared on my Facebook / Instagram pages within 48 hours of your shoot, unless otherwise stated.  

PAYMENT IS REQUIRED TO BOOK YOUR SESSION.  Payment can be in the form of either Deposit or Full Session Fee.  Upon my receipt of your booking request, you will receive an invoice via email.  Once your deposit/payment is received by me, your date will be scheduled and considered confirmed.  You will receive an email confirmation of your scheduled date and payment receipt.   All deposits/session fees are non-refundable.


Refunds All Deposit/Session Fee amounts are non-refundable. 

Cancellations All Balances must be paid-in-full no later than 3 days prior to your session date.  You will receive a Balance Due reminder as your session approaches.  Any failure to complete your Balance can result in the cancellation of your session by Laura Sue Brod photography and your Deposit amount will not be refunded.  Should you need to cancel your session, please let us know within 3 days of your session.  Any additional payments will be refunded minus the deposit/session fee amount, which will be retained.  We recommend that you try to reschedule your session instead of cancelling. 

Rescheduling  We are happy to try to reschedule your session, when absolutely needed.  As our available booking dates fill up quickly, we unfortunately cannot guarantee that the date you wish to reschedule for will be available.  For this reason, it is recommended that you only reschedule as a last-resort option.  Please reach out to us with any questions you may have. 

SESSION TIME OVERAGE * Please be aware that an additional $35.00 per extra hour fee (or portion therein) will be added into your total for event sessions lasting longer than stated time limits.  

Digital / Print Pricing Guide


As always, please reach out to me with any questions that you may have!



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