Are you ordering your days wisely?

Disclaimer - I wrote this blog forEVER ago, and never posted it.  So, "yesterday" isn't really yesterday... but, you get the idea.  ;)

Hey there, friends!  Recently, I spent several hours in a business productivity training for "creatives".  The material, so far, is proving to be immeasurable in benefit.  Everything from the importance of details about my ideal client to website improvement to social platforms was shared, as well as what I'm seeing as the most paramount for me -- how I'm ordering my days.  Honestly, I think that many of these lessons are things that I already knew, but have been putting off setting into action.  I'll be the first to admit my laziness.  While 2017 promises to be a great year in both my business and personal life if I can manage to apply the strategies I've set up, the biggest lesson of all hit me this morning, like a smack in the face.  I'll explain.  We'll start, first, with a question.


How am I spending my time?

I sat down to write out a list of how I spend my days, percentage-wise.  The example below is based on Petunia, a fake lady I've chosen for this post, but we'll use it, just for the sake of having an easy to follow character.  Let's say Petunia's day looks like this:

  • 50% work,
  • 30% wasting time online doing nothing but trolling
  • 10% family time
  • 10% veg on the couch time

Now that our (fake) reality has been sketched out, let's ask ourselves another question.

What roles do I need to fill everyday?

Petunia runs her own florist shop, so she obviously has to fill the role of FLORIST.  She's a mom of 4 beautiful children, so she's MOM.  Her husband loves her dearly (for the last 15 years and counting!), so she's WIFE.  She volunteers at her kids' sports leagues, so she's TEAM MOM, and she helps out at her children's museum, so she's a MUSEUM VOLUNTEER. Looking at her schedule percentages, above, Petunia needs some re-ordering, STAT!


Setting the plan:

Now, Petunia and I are quite different people, but we each have the same task ahead of us:  Organizing our day in the best way possible to juggle all of the pins without letting one drop.  Petunia and I both sit down to organize our lists... they look different, but we quickly realize just how many hours each day need to be allocated to each role we fulfill.  Then, we create a weekly schedule, based on these needs.  Boom!!  We're feeling SO ORGANIZED!  HIGH FIVES ALL AROUND!!

The lesson I learned this morning:

This morning, I hopped onto YouTube.  A song has been stuck in my head, all week.  It's one of my favorite songs from church, and it says,  "I surrender all to You, everything I give to You... withholding nothing... withholding nothing."  Not thinking much about it, I opened a medley version that had several of my other favorites intertwined.  I was ready for some worship time.  You might start to lose interest here, thinking this was a post about tasks and lists and organization... I promise, it IS! :)  Keep reading, humor me.

I sat at my desk, singing.  Eyes closed, hands outstretched to signify my giving everything to the Lord, IT HIT ME...BAAAMBOOOM.  Here I am, at my work center.  Singing to the Lord that I am giving everything to Him.  Speaking/singing words from the heart.  *thinking over that schedule I wrote out*  Where was the time allotted for the Lord on that list?  For worship? For scripture reading?  I didn't mark it down. 

I don't know about you, but I'm a list maker.  If it's not on the list, honey, it ain't happening.  This HAS to be on my schedule.  Time for worship each day should be a PRIORITY.  And, it will be.  It is. 

It's your turn. 

Will you make that percentage list? Then make your roles list? Then make your schedule? 

Will you make sure to place the Lord as a priority on that list? 

I sure hope you will.  :)  I'll be right there, with you... striving for spiritual growth and depth. 

Looking forward, and waiting to hear your great stories this year!

Much love,