Introducing PhotoFox Editing Boutique - For Professional Photographers

Drumroll, please... PhotoFox Editing Boutique is now open!!

I've been keeping it under wraps for a while, but I've been working as an outsource photo editor for some time now.  After looking over the whole process and gauging how things have been going, I've decided to open up business for more photographers!

What this means for you:

Are you a photographer who could use more time in their schedule to do things you'd rather be doing (other than editing)?  Are you frustrated with tedious editing tasks that you don't feel like you quite get right?  FEAR NOT!!  PHOTOFOX SAVES THE DAY!! :)

What PhotoFox offers:

PhotoFox offers culling, color correction, full session edits (from raw to jpegs ready to deliver), and heavy edits (think head swaps, background swaps, heavy cloning, etc!).  Below, you can see a few samples (also seen on the website) of some editing work.  For more information, to read reviews from photographers, and to get started with a free trial edit, head on over to PhotoFox Editing Boutique

Let's work together to free up your schedule!  I learn YOUR style so that your edits look like they came straight from YOU. 


-Laura Sue Brod