Editing tips, updates, and newsletters, oh my!

Hi there! 

If we're close friends, you might know that life has been a bit busy for me, as of late!  If we're not close friends, why aren't we??!!  :)  Let's make that happen.  Anyway, I digress.

What's been keeping me so busy?  I thought you'd never ask.  ;)

Rather than merely enjoying the shutterbug life as a photographer (which is truly quite enjoyable!), this blog post happened in March of this year.   With the help of several sweet friends who spread the word on various photography forums, before I knew it, I was more busy as an editor for professional photographers than I was as an actual photographer!  

How did I get into the editing game?

I tend to be the kind of person who wants to understand EVERYTHING about what I'm doing.  That being said, I completely nerded out over Photoshop and Lightroom as I learned both programs.  The more I learned, the more I enjoyed trying new techniques and offering to help friends who needed something done or wanted something explained.  Eventually, I started working as the "Photoshop Guru" (her title for me!) for a full-time photographer over on the other coast.  As time progressed, I realized I could take on a few other clients, and here I am, today, working with an amazing group of photographer clients and also preparing to take the Adobe Certified Expert exam before 2017 ends!  I can't wait to achieve that goal! 

  • I'll be sending out a NEWSLETTER TO ANYONE WHO SUBSCRIBES with photography tips, editing tips for Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom users, as well as the occasional blog post update.

You'll want to subscribe if you want to be included in these tutorials and updates!  All you have to do is click the Subscribe box over on the top right of the blog!  I promise that I won't be spammy.  I hate spam and delete myself from the lists of people who send me too many emails.  So, fear not.  ;)  Stay tuned for my basic Photoshop and basic Lightroom editing tips blog posts, coming soon!!

  • I'm getting ready to OPEN MY OWN ETSY SHOP with marketing and other helpful tools for photographers and small business owners.

Have you ever looked around forever for that perfect plain background photo for your social media marketing post or website, etc.?  Have you wanted to dive into creating beautifully designed albums or pamphlets for your clients, but felt overwhelmed at how to create them?  As I've found the need for these items, I've saved what I've created for myself into files that will soon be available for purchase.  I believe you'll find them truly helpful. 

  • I've been MAKING SOME SWEET MUSIC with my parents. 

This one might sound weird if we don't know each other well.  It's all in the family, and I was a musician long before I was a photographer.  We'll be releasing our first EP as Story & Song before the end of 2017.   All of the songs were written by myself and my mom, Barbara Lister Williams, and all of the recording and editing was done either in our own home studio with the help of David Williams, too (my dad), or was recorded at the Downtown Batterie by Tony Morra in Franklin, TN.  Check out our site for updates. Check out Tony, too! 

  • OH YEAH!!  WE'RE ADDING ONTO THE HOUSE.  That's a story for another day, though!

If you read this far, you're the real mvp today!! 

Much love, and I'd LOVE to hear back from you.