A look back at 2015

2015, you've been fun! 

Resolutions   For the last five years, I've been crazy-dedicated to making New Year Resolutions.  Each year, I've ACTUALLY ACCOMPLISHED THEM.  Isn't that shocking?  It seems like most well-intentioned resolutions eventually end up forgotten with last week's diet, somehow.  I know you didn't sign up to read all of my resolutions from the last five years, and that's not what this blog post is really about - but here they are, nonetheless.  2011 - Lose 10 pounds.  Check! (Thanks, Weight Watchers!) 2012 - Lose another 10 pounds.  Check!!  2013 - "The year of me" Sounds selfish, I know.  It wasn't.  I have a tendency toward taking care of others more than myself.  My physical health was moved up to the top on my priority list, and boy, did God deliver on answering those prayers!  That's a story for another day.  So, Check!!  2014 - Run my first ever 5K.  CHECK!  Again... go God! 2015 - Be more artistic/creative.  Lol.  That's where I'll expand a bit:

2015- Be more artistic/creative   Having worked as a musician for years (I still love doing that, it's my passion!), I naturally assumed that my biggest self-challenge this year would be to start posting a weekly song video on my youtube channel.  Yes, I admit it - My name is Laura, and I'm a Youtube channel owner.  A sad, lonely Youtube channel.  My amazing youtube channel has, I believe, TWO songs on it.  Haha!  Whoopsie.  See, I should know the number of videos for sure... that shows you the state of that project! :)  This weekly song challenge seemed like the perfect goal, in my mind!  Fun! Easy! All the good-stuff feelings!  Little did I know that my song challenge was not at all what 2015 had up its sleeve.   Of course, there were some wonderful musical journeys in 2015, my favorite of which you can find here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z8jZtgGgvlo  This song was written for my husband as an anniversary present.  Much love, babe! 

Fast forward - 2015's sidekick, named Photography Business, said "Pick me! Pick me!"  Photography has been a guest in our household for many years.  All too often, my husband has patiently waited for me to catch just the right shot.  He's such a sweetie.  Yes, we did need 500 pictures of our dog in front of the Christmas tree that one year, and 200 photos of BoBo, her squeaky stuffed toy.  BoBo looked so handsome with all of that Christmas tree bokeh behind him!       - Making it "official" -       Ever since we moved away from home the first time, I've wondered how I could contribute to our household finances.  I could share a million boring details with you, but the easiest way to describe it is that it just kind of fell into my lap this year.  Halfway through the year, I found myself taking my camera along to several events to take photos "for fun".   A small, casual wedding.  A military homecoming.  A party.  As I bravely charted new territory (capturing people outside of my immediate friends and family, yikes!), it dawned on me that perhaps... just perhaps... THIS could be the "Be more artistic/creative" that I felt drawn to!  More times than I can count, I poured out my heart to God and to my husband about my desire to contribute financially to our household on our journey to be debt-free.  We had moved away from music city, where I knew how to work, and to "the middle of nowheresville", USA.  While I can still work remotely within music, thanks to technology, I wasn't able to work as frequently as I'd like to.  Every since taking the giant leap of faith to befriend Photography Business,  ;-)  I'm able to work more and contribute more, capturing memories with my camera!  I'm so very, very grateful for the opportunities to meet people I might not have ever met, otherwise, and have more opportunities to share God's light, as a result, as well.

A few fun memories from my 2015 photography kickoff year

That time I was staring into my viewfinder while walking (bad... very, very bad), tripped on a rock, ripped open my pants, my knee bled, and I kept on going... LIKE. A. BOSS.  LOL!  Oh - and my gear was FINE!

That time I didn't recognize my client because he had on different glasses.  It's that Clark Kent / Superman thing, I guess.  You know who you are.  Thanks for being so nice, despite that embarrassing moment!  

Military homecomings!  I've got to say that nothing feels quite as good as seeing loved ones reunite after a deployment.  Ahhh.  I love getting to capture those memories.  

AMAZING, LOVING, CARING, AND GIVING LADIES WHO POURED INTO MY LIFE AND BELIEVED IN ME. I wouldn't have been able to do ANY of this had it not been for these Christ-centered women who see the value in taking what they've been blessed with and turning around and blessing others with it, in return.  What a tremendous gift.  Thank you for mentoring me, encouraging me, critiquing me in a loving but very helpful  and necessary way, and helping me get on my feet.  

Thank you to all of my clients for such a fantastic year!  Here's to 2016 and all of the memories we will create together!

- Laura Sue Brod

And, of course.. here's to good ol' 29!