Close to Near or Far...

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What on earth do you get your husband for your anniversary?! 


Preamble to a bigger blog post, which will make me more nervous than this one.  

Do you like those titles?  I'm a fancy writer.  I'm kidding.  Ok, Down to business:

Several months ago, my husband and I celebrated a special milestone wedding anniversary!  Not  knowing what kind of present to purchase him (every year!), I tend to fish around for hints.  Did he mention needing anything?  Does something need to be replaced?  What if there's something he says he'd love to have or do someday?  I look for those kinds of hints.  Needless to say, I'm not very creative at gift-giving.  

One thing I didn't have to sneak around looking for hints about - We had both expressed that we wanted to create a memorable experience that we could look back on for years to come.  We decided to renew our wedding vows!  This event provided the perfect occasion to not only give a special gift, but also surprise him with it!  While I busily worked away, planning the details of our vow renewal and party, I was secretly and simultaneously planning his gift.  The opportunity to have our dear friend, Erin, capture the occasion, was an opportunity worth taking!  I'll share a couple of her photos at the bottom of this post, with a link to where you can see more of her work! 

If you know me, you know that I'm an artistic individual.  (If you don't know me, now you know.)  :)  I majored in music in college, all the while debating whether or not I should have chosen to major in French.  I love to dance, take photos, decorate, style, make music and create.  Our furniture in our home is constantly being re-arranged, re-purposed, re-upholstered and re-painted... there's ALWAYS something to create around us!  (I'll have to share some of these creative things mentioned above in more blog posts!)  As the party was being planned, my creativity flowed!!  I reveled in fashioning plenty of decorations by hand, spending lots of time working in creative-mode.  My husband's special (and secret!) anniversary gift started to come together during these times.  

One afternoon, I was driving home from an appointment about 45 minutes away when his anniversary gift began to take shape.  I know, I know... you are probably wondering, "When's she going to stop calling it 'the gift' and just tell us what it is?!"  Well, here ya go - As soon as I walked into my house, I grabbed my phone to record voice memo notes, so as not to forget what had happened in the car.  "There's a picture of us... on the wall inside the kitchen.... hanging next to a list of all the places we have lived..." (*TRUE, by the way! I'll share a link in my next post.)  

What you might not know - My husband and I have been together for a long time, but, I've NEVER, in all of the years we've been together, been able to formulate words and music that adequately expressed my feelings for him.  It finally happened.  We've moved a million times in our marriage (not really, but it feels like it). From one place to another, always following the call on our hearts to minister to a specific people group.  In Genesis, when God called Abram (later, called Abraham), he took his whole family with him and went to the place where God called.  When we married, I promised to always follow God's leading, wherever that may be, as long as I am able to go.  Near or far, my heart and home will go with my husband and the Lord.

Near or Far...  I'll go with you!  I'll share the song in my next blog post.  

Please enjoy these photos from our ceremony, and from our party.  I'm thrilled to share that I was able to successfully pull off a surprise for my husband.  He had no idea that I'd be serenading him with a song I'd written just for him.  Photos courtesy of my friend, Erin Fisher!  Visit Erin's website at

If you're into girly details like I am, you might enjoy knowing that I carried my original wedding bouquet (silk), wore vintage gloves, vintage belt and carried a vintage purse that I found on Poshmark (awesome app!), birdcage veil from Amazon, and shoes and dress from Nordstrom Rack, for an incredible price.  Studly husband acquired his bow tie and pocket square from Etsy.  

Until next time! 

xoxo, Laura