Here's to Framily members all over the world!

Today, I thought I’d offer a quick shoutout to family that you weren’t born into, but accrued over time. I have an AMAZING family!  I'm sure you'll hear about them on this blog, eventually, as well.  As we live out our lives, though, we come across people who become fast friends and some become much like family to us.  "Framily", perhaps?? :) Anyhow, circumstances arise, and God allows people into our paths for good reason.  Here's a recent example of framily from my life story:

I moved out to California a while back to follow my husband to his new duty assignment with the military.   Every time he's received new orders, I've moved with him.  This time, however, I'll admit it - I was afraid, I wanted a more comfortable situation since I knew he'd deploy right away and I wouldn't have much time to make friends before I was on my own.  I had also just gone through major surgery, and didn't know how I'd hold up doing all of this by myself all the way across the country from my east-coast roots.  Initially, I chose the easier, more comfortable route and planned to stay  back home near family.  After a couple of months passed, I felt that I needed to live where he was based out of, and to make friends among the battalion families.  I had no idea where I would live in this deserted area, and didn’t know a soul.  It was scary!  

Enter Divine work -- The wife of one of my husband’s new co-workers reached out to me in an email at the very moment I was needing to make a decision.  How's that for timing?!  She was writing to offer the opportunity to stay with her and their little girl in their mother-in-law type suite while our husbands went to Afghanistan together.  God has amazing ways of working His goodness into situations that seem less than ideal (like sending our men to a war zone, for example).  What resulted was a wonderful friendship- sharing laughter and tears, celebrating deployment milestones and birthdays/anniversaries together, mailing care packages together, not judging each other if we had popcorn or nachos for dinner, and the huge blessing of not having to go it alone. 

Here’s a favorite shot of her beautiful daughter… she also happened to be my favorite photography practice subject while we lived in the same town. :D 

So, here’s to all of you amazing friends out there, who do whatever they can to become framily and put their best feet forward during difficult times. 

 Drying off after swim class! 

Drying off after swim class!