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I'm glad you stopped by and that you'd like to learn a bit about me and what I do.  I specialize in photographing families, couples, children, and military events.  To me: LIFE = ART.  I'm constantly creating, constantly dreaming, and constantly offering my best to my God, family, friends, and clients.  When I'm not behind my lens, you'll find me editing for others as a personal PS/LR editor for professional photographers, as well as singing, playing instruments, writing, spending time with my husband and dog, walking, and devising creative ways to get out of making my own coffee and unloading the dishwasher however I possibly can.  True story, no shame in my game, just ask him!


How I Got Started: Having grown up in a long-time family heritage of musical professionals, I ultimately followed suit and graduated from the University of South Florida with a music degree of my own.  I've worked professionally for years as a music coach, studio singer, church musician and worship leader in cities like Nashville, Virginia Beach, the Tampa Bay area, as well as in a tiny town within hot desert of California (I still do those things!).  It wasn't until we'd moved away from those bigger, musician-filled towns that I began to realize that I could explore and do so much more with my photography passion... photography has always excited me!  Every family vacation, trip to exciting places, and friends' milestones offered me the opportunity to creatively document memories over the years.  Having taken every opportunity to soak in the wisdom and technical expertise from professional photography mentors, I finally dove into the deep end and officially opened Laura Sue Brod Photography in the early summer of 2015.  I love capturing details, excitement, playful moments, sweet nothings, tears, and every moment in-between.  In 2016, I began working as a custom image editor for a very busy and well known full-time photographer on the west coast, and I opened up PhotoFox Editing Boutique to more photographers in 2017.  Each client presents me a new opportunity to forge beautiful art while capturing special memories that last a lifetime.  A perfectionist at heart, I do my very best to give you 100% of my craft at all times, while also enjoying the process along the way.  ALSO, coming in early 2018, PhotoFox Boutique!  Stay tuned for more on that!